History of Trang

Trang is ancient communities on south. The assumption that Trang is home to the city's commercial center along the west coast, city name: Takola but someone said Takola are the city located on Takaupa in Phang Nga province. There was the archaeological evidence from the CLAUDIUS PTOLE, the western nations on the geography of the book written since 693 or 708 AD, according to a statement of the merchants name Alexander described of the towns on the peninsula of gold which included Takola in the land name: Chryse Chersonesos or Asia continent. In Scripture, MillinThapanha (fermentation problems) on 500 AD had name Takola Suvarnabhumi. Professor Manit Wanlipodom who is of the opinion that Takola is in Trang by referred to Doctor H.G. Kaulitz Wells surveys the Takaupa city nowadays and the way across the peninsula through Khao Sok said that “it’s suitable as a cargo port city across the peninsula” Professor Manit also agreed that Takola based in Trang.”Age of 1 has located above and along Pina Moutain on East river at Kapang canal, Huhnan village, that was the first settled of Trang City with name: KrungThani, However, they became to Rubber plantation in present day, Doctor Prasert Witthayarat, geographer, one of Native ruler said the geographic area on maritime monsoon, trip from Langka or south or India to Suvarnabhumi, when set the ship rudder sailed straight up, influence of the southwest monsoon brings the ship into the shore at 7 degrees north latitude which are Trang City.

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