General Information of Trang

Trang located in the south west coast of Andaman Sea, that the area along length are 119 kilometers. Far from Bangkok is 828 kilometers, along Patchakasem route.

North connect to Nakhon Si Thammarat and Krabi

South connect to Satun and Andaman Sea, India Ocean

East connect to Phatthalung (Bordered Bunthad mountain range)

West connect to Krabi and Andaman Sea


Most areas are generally low-high hill with a small mountain scattered everywhere. Flat area with a small amount of rice is cultivated. The east line of mountains stretching from the north down south is the boundary line between Trang and Phatthalung. The forest area is approximately 20 percent of Province areas. The mangroves forests are still abundant. There are 46 islands which are on Kantang District 12 island, Palian District 13 island and Sikao District 21 island.


Trang are under the influence of the southwest monsoon between mid May to Mid October. And Northeast monsoon from October to May, The average annual temperature are 27.20 degrees Celsius. The average annual rainfall is 2542.10 mm. It rains 175 days a year.

Natural Resources.

1. Rubber as a cash crop income to the people is enormous. Grown the most at Palian District.

2. Aquatic animals, Trang border with the Indian Ocean coast of the Andaman Sea in district of Kantang, Sikao Palian, Yantakao, Haad samran, are approximately 119 kilometers long, so it’s rich of variety marine animals.

3. Minerals are Tin, Fluoride, Coal and Barite, there is a lot at Huay Yod district.

4. Palm oil, grown most at Sikao and Wangviset which land connected to Karbi

5. Bird's nest, there are various islands such as Kantang district, Palian district, and Sikoa district which private company has concessions in each year.

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