General information of Ranong

Location and Territory

Ranong is the first province of Andaman Sea, the narrow strip that connects mainland Thailand with Malay Peninsula, the west side of southern Thailand between India and Pacific Ocean, latitude 10 degrees north and longitude 99 degrees east. Far from Bangkok 580 km. Area about 3,298,045 square kilometers, long and narrow shape. Length from north to south are about 169 kilometers. Width are 44 kilometers. The narrowest point are about 9 kilometers which is Kra Isthmus at Kraburi district.

North connect to Tasae disdrict of Chmporn and Myanmar
South connect to Surathani and Kuraburi district of Pang Nga
East connect to Chumporn
West connect to Myanmar border and Andaman Sea


There are Mountains, about 86 percent of the area along the Phuket mountain range. Plains are about 14 percent of the area,divided into two zones as follows.

1. The high and mountain Area are the east of province. It is a Tanaowasri continuous range, places in a direction from north to south, and Slopes into Andaman Sea which is an important source watershed: Kraburi River and La-auen canal.
2. The coastal plains Area are the west of province. It is a narrow plateau of about 50-20 km, along the coast. Soil fertility was not suitable for agriculture. However, Ranong has many beautiful beaches: Bang Ben Beach and Praphat Beach. There are many islands around 62 islands such as Koh Payam, Koh Chang, Koh Sinhai, Koh Lao, Koh Kangkaw (bat)


It is under the influence of the southwest monsoon, there are rains almost all year round, approximately 200 days per year. There are two seasons: summer and rainy season.

Summer is between February and May. The weather is very hot more and more because the changed of environment.

Rainy is divided into two periods because of the influence of the wind varies.

The first part is between June and October. There are a lot of rain, due to the influence of the southwest monsoon from Andaman Sea The second part is between November and January. It is influenced by the northeast monsoon from Thailand Gulf, The rain is lightly and temperature is not high. It is good weather. Temperature is not much difference between the highest and lowest temperatures for the month. The average temperatures are 26-28 degrees Celsius. The average rainfall is about 4100 mm per year.


There are the population of 160,631 people: 82,626 men and 78,005 women (since from December of 2000). Income average are 123,435 THB per person per year (year of 1997). Most of the population lives in rural area. People almost are Buddhist , and followed by Islam.

Administrative district

It is divided into four districts and one sub-district, 30 Tambon, 172 villages, 50,254 households, 6 municipalities, and 26 of local government (year of 2001). 4 districts are: Muang District, la-auen District, Kapur District, Kraburi District, and Suk Samraan sub-district.

Natural Resources

Ranong is one of province which has many of resources. There are many of mineral that can do a lot of revenue to the province of each year such as Tin and Wolframite. The Forest resources for the major timber are Yang,Yung, Inthanin, TaKian, and Tasua.

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