General Information of Pang Nga

Location and Territory

Phang Nga located is located in the southern region on the west-coast between latitude 8˚ and 27 minutes 52.3 seconds north and longitude of 98˚ 32 minutes east with 788 kilometers from Bangkok. It covers 4,170.897 (2,606,810.625 rai) divided into 1,806.112 for agriculture (1,128,824 rai) 1,722.55 of rich forest (1,076,594 rai) with others of 1,642.227 (401,392.625 rai). The area is ranked 53rd of the country and No. 9 of the South.

North connect to Provinces of Ranong, and Suratthani

South connect to Provinces of Phu Ket near the Strait of Pak Pra linked by Sarasin Bridge and Dhep Kasat Tri Bridge

East connect to Provinces of Suratthani and Krabi

West connect to the Andaman Sea and the Indian Ocean


Pang Nga is a folded mountainous geography stretch long form north to south having 239.25 km. beach long covered with shed forest. Leading ones are mountainous jungle, tropical forests and mangroves. The plains slope to the east and to the west heading to the Andaman Sea. Mangrove forests stretch along the coast and area shoots 105 islets in the Andaman Sea such as Kho Yao, Surin Island Group, and Similan Island Group.


As near the sea, so the annual average temperature is a constant that does not much changed and a lot of rain in the rainy season. It is influenced by the Tropical monsoon with the monsoons form the southwest and the northeast having3 seasons, i.e.

Summer: From January to April which is monsoon season, covered by the wind from the southeast. The air is hot topic which the hot weather is in March.

Rainy: From beginning of mid-May to mid-October which southwest monsoon winds covered country. The groove is covered under low air pressure sporadically. There is a lot of rain mostly in September.

Winter: Beginning of mid-November to mid January which is the northeast monsoon season. There is cold and dry winds blow from the northeast, it will a cold weather but as Phang Nga province is near the sea so the weather are not much cold as should be.


Annual average is about 27.84 C. Average maximum temperature is 33.60 C. The average minimum temperature is 22.08 C. March is the month that weather is very hot. As the locations on the west coast of the South, they are fully affected by southwest monsoon in the rainy season. It is the province which located in the rain very well when compare with another in same area. Average annual rainfall is 3638.3 mm in BCE 2000. Rain fall is about 185 days. The month with most rain is September, and October which rainfall is about 23-26 days of each month.

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