General Information of Krabi

Location and Territory Krabi located on the west coast of the south to the Andaman Sea, far from Bangkok along the highway about 814 kilometers. There is total area of 4708.512 square kilometers or 2,942,820 acres.

North connect to Phang Nga and Suratthani

South connect to Trang and Andaman Sea

East connect to Nakhon Si Thammarat and Trang

West connect to Phang Nga and Andaman Sea.


The north, there is long mountain ranges into the north to south with wavy undulating terrain slope, and the west has a long coastline on the Andaman Sea about 160 kilometers, consists of about 154 islands but it has a population of only 13 inhabited islands such as Lanta island and Phi Phi island which is one of the tourist beautiful places in the world.


Climate is tropical monsoon which has been influenced by the southwest monsoon and Northeast monsoon, it is the rain throughout the year. There are 2 seasons.

Summer starts on January to April.

Rainy starts on May to December

Temperatures in the season which not much vary, ranged from 17.9 C. to 39.1 C. The average rainfalls in the range are 2069.8 mm. to 2263.1 mm. per year.

Natural Resources.

Forest resources: most of the tropical rain forest and mixed forest. There is a total of 45 forest area of 1,415,952 acres. Divided into 5 categories which are permanent forest by the Cabinet and Forestry in 1941, National Forest, National park, Wildlife Sanctuary, Non -Hunting area, and mangroves. For forest conservation in Krabi are 4 Natural Park, 2 Wildlife Sanctuary, and 1 Non – Hunting Area. In the whole province of Krabi, the forest survey of the Forest Department in 2006, approximately 540,806.25 acres.

Water resources

Surface Water, natural water resources in Krabi are the major rivers such as the Krabi entrance river, Sinboon canal, Krabi Yai canal, Krabi Noi canal, Tom canal, Pakasai canal. The whole problems in the management of water resources are source of catchment water shortages during the dry season. The watershed is compromised, leaching the soil, underground water sources. Krabi's landscape can be divided into three types.

1. The plains are a space in the middle - lower on the west side and over the top of Krabi (Height of about 10-30 m above sea level)

2. Hills, Mountains or Flat, height is about 50-100 meters above sea level

3. High mountain areas most are located in the north - south. The peak height to 1402 m., above sea level. At Panom Mountain, geological structure favorable properties as a source of water supply such as Faulting, Cracking, and Tracing the curve of the rock. Shale is a layer of limestone rock and absorbs its maximum potential which amount of water available in the 10-20 cubic meters per hour. The Quality of groundwater in the limestone that remained strong. All compounds were dissolved at a value lower than 500 milligrams per liter, hardness is lower than 200 milligrams per liter, Iron is lower than 0.5 mg per liter, and the fluoride is less than 1.0 milligrams per liter which are in the benchmark. Even though that are compatible with a layer of water limestone or carbonate rocks will be relatively high hardness and some places are some areas with relatively high amounts of iron.

Coastaland marine resources Krabi is the most beautiful marine resources with a long coastline on the Andaman Sea about 160 kilometers. The large and small islands are

154 islands, The Island is beautiful which marines natural attractions are Phi Phi Island, Hong Island, Lanta Island, Rok Island.

Mangrove forest

Survey in 2007, there are about 218,216 acres. The Major problems are damaged to farm buildings compromise and some were changed another benefits such as coastal aquaculture, especially shrimp.

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